Part art, part sport the 24hr DANCE Marathon is inspired by the endurance dance contests of 1920s and 30s. Heroic teams step into a kaleidoscopic dance wonderland time warp and the dance floor becomes a melting pot for community connection. Enthralled spectators become the spectacle as the narrative unfolds and the human spirit is tested through this bizarre endeavour.

This dynamic endurance event challenges teams to dance relay style or go for solo gold. Audiences can dance for an ‘Hour of Power’ or cheer on from the sidelines. This is a drug and alcohol free event, ideal for enlivening public space, promoting healthy living, fundraising, and team building, youth and talent showcase. This is socially engaged immersive live art cultivating relationships between artists, community and partners.

24hr DANCE Marathon is ready to sweep the art and heart of the nation. Experience the joy and wonder in your community or festival!

Next level community engagement!!

Please contact us for info budgets and tech specs.

An incredible journey that leaves everybody beaming” – Solo 24hr dancer

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Photos: Alice Desert Festival/Red Hot Arts Central Australia 2013.

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