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Artists are Olympians running marathons, jumping through bureaucratic hoops, and going that extra mile and need to be honoured in the stadium of salutations and salutes! When it comes to the crunch we need a workout to improve our metabolic art rate so we can meet the great ‘clean and jerk’ art challenge we face every day! Your no dumb bell! We are going to lift your game from a ‘deadlift’ and give you a six pack of resources with extension and flexibility to make your critics cry and sigh for their biggest arts winner! This full artobic workout will give you the metabolic juice and energy to burn and buff out there in the real arts world. We will salute you!ArtFit_Poster.jpg

Artfit was SO REAL’s major work for 2015 created as part of Australia Council ‘Setting the stages’ program and presented at Crack theatre Festival in October 2015 after a season in Alice Springs.

Art Fit is a series of four 1hr workouts to expand your artistic horizons.

CORE CREATE  – Essentials of the artistic experience.
Core create is designed to help you find your yellow brick road, stick to the path, have a wild adventure whilst avoid being stolen for eternity by the army of demon monkeys. To do this we must start at the very beginning….. pack a compass, food, map, and a keen eye out for allies.

ABSTRACTERCISE – A gymnasium for the imagination.
Feeling washed up, dried up or artistically blocked? It’s time to enter the gymnasium of the imagination. Stop making sense, it’s just a jump to the left (side of your brain) to think out of the square, step into the phone booth, fall down the rabbit hole, break free of your earthly chains and take a swan dive into the ocean unconscious.

ARTWORK -A step-by-step guide to facing the boring.
An old art proverb says ‘to face the boring is to launch a 1000 ships’
To be a successful artist with a sustainable income we need to be politicians, diplomats, advertising agents, administrators, arts managers and a creative genius. This Artist power up will transform the most tedious administration task into a corporate barn dance, which will literally have you in a giddy whirl. We are going to buzz up, shoot from the hipster, tick and kick the boxes of our beaurocratic survival kit and have you armed to the teeth.

EMOTIONALISE – Be the master of your own internal landscape.
Artists are untamed creatures that feel emotions deeply and express freely but at what cost? Working on a heightened emotional state can take its toll. Vulnerable, alone, out there, making mistakes, working from your gut, and breaking the mould. In this session we will release, connect, expanding, explore balance, realign, and surrender and master our internal emotional landscape. We will have you running up that road howling at the moon and taming the shrew.

This work is tour ready contact us for more information.


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